The type effect of water purification equipment

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First, the effect of the water softener (the first is to reduce the hardness of water)
1.Soft water wash clothes, say goodbye to softener。
2.Independent heating does not scale, high thermal efficiency, and safety
3.Life with soft water, save a lot of washing supplies, save housework time。

Second, the effect of the water machine (general purification, can reach the basic drinking water specifications)
1.It can be useful to filter carcinogens such as heterocolor, odor, heavy metals and trihalomethane, and can strongly suppress bacterial reproduction
2.Avoid bottled water secondary pollution damage, more economical, more money
3.Ultrafiltration membrane is used to thoroughly filter harmful substances in water
4.Do not have to wait for someone to send water, to avoid the secondary pollution of bottled water

Third, the effect of pure water machine (can reach the water specification of bottled or barreled pure water)
1, the advantages of pure water machine:
Small pure water equipment Pure water machine is the miniaturization of pure water plant,Tap water as a source of water,Purified water by reverse osmosis water treatment technology,Household pure water machine exquisite delicate general equipment in the kitchen,And equipped with a pure water special faucet,Besides drinking,It can also solve water problems such as cooking,Not only convenient,And cheaper.。After installing the pure water machine, it is no longer necessary to buy bottled water, which does not affect the drinking machine at home, and it can also show its original value to heat or cool the pure water of the pure water machine! Household pure water machine can completely remove bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, organophosphorus and other harmful substances in tap water。 The produced water brews milk powder, tea, coffee, juice to ensure natural flavor, taste sweet。
2, the category of pure water machine:
According to the use is divided into manual type (can also be economical), automatic type, the difference is only in the pure water machine, the economic pure water machine uses manual reverse erosion valve。
3, the characteristics of pure water machine:
There are booster pumps, demand power, and water storage tanks, generally five levels of filtration, the first level is the filter element, the second and third levels are activated carbon, the fourth level is the RO reverse osmosis membrane for aerospace skills (this is the core), the fifth level is the exquisite activated carbon, mainly used to improve the taste.The fifth level can also be placed in the medical stone filter to become a mineral drinking pure water machine。

4, the function of pure water machine:
It can not only remove impurities, rust, sediment, colloids, bacteria, viruses, but also remove radioactive particles, organic matter, fluorescent matter, pesticides that are harmful to the human body, but also remove boring water and heavy metals, ensure that you do not have water and alkali when boiling water, and ensure that your family drinking health 。

5, pure water machine defects:
Pure water machine in the process of water will be the main waste water, pure water machine RO reverse osmosis membrane aperture is particularly small, small it is necessary to rely on pressure to play the water in the past, but the impurities of the RO membrane poke out, also occurs waste water, but this water waste water can be reused, such as flushing mop and so on。
Fourth, the effect of the front (depending on the quality of water quality, can be installed or not)
The first is to play a certain maintenance effect on water softener and pure water machine or water。
Pre-filter, general
Water purification equipmentAfter the water meter of the inlet pipe, to ensure that a lot of deposited impurities in the pipe network will not cause harm to the human body, and to play a positive maintenance effect on the hidden pipe, faucet, electrical appliances, etc。The pre-filter is the Nemesis of secondary pollution and is a reliable impurity filtration equipment。