Rotary grid decontamination machine

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Product use:

      XCF type rotary solid-liquid separator (also known as rotary grid decongestator),It is an advanced solid-liquid separation equipment for water treatment,It is mainly used in urban sewage treatment plant, residential area sewage pretreatment device, municipal rainwater sewage pumping station, water plant and power plant cooling water intake,The equipment is also widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, food, aquatic products, paper making, wine, slaughter, leather and other industries of water treatment projects,It is the ideal solid-liquid separation equipment in the water treatment industry。

How it works:

       The equipment adopts rotary type,By a special shape of the plow shaped harrow teeth arranged in a certain number of assembly sequence on the horizontal axis,Forming a rake tooth chain,According to the flow of water,Assemble into different gaps,Installed at the entrance of the pumping station or water treatment system,When the driving device drives the rake tooth chain from the bottom up,Debris in the water is scooped up by the rake chain,The liquid flows through the gap,After the device is turned to the upper apex,The rake tooth chain changes the direction of operation,Moving from top to bottom,The material falls off the rake teeth by itself depending on its own weight,When the rake teeth are turned from the reverse side to the bottom of the equipment,Another cycle of continuous operation begins,Thus constantly remove debris from the water to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation。

Main technical parameters and installation size table:



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