Anaerobic tower

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Anaerobic tower working principle:      

      The anaerobic tower shell is fabricated by a plurality of anaerobic tower shell units,Easier installation and handling,When adjacent anaerobic tower housing units are connected,The outer cone of the ring bushing and the inner cone of the ring support bushing squeeze seal ring,Thus, the sealing between the two anaerobic tower shell units can be good;meanwhile,Annular bushing and annular support sleeve also enhance the strength of both ends of the cylinder,Make the whole anaerobic tower shell more stable。 As an option, the taper of the outer cone on the annular bushing is less than the taper of the inner cone on the annular support sleeve。Due to the difference in the taper of the outer cone and the inner cone, the sealing circle will not come out after being squeezed, but it is more sealed, and it can also reduce the contact area between the sealing circle and the sewage, and the sealing circle is not easy to be corroded。

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