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Jiangsu Oudeli Environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD/About us

  Jiangsu Oudeli Environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD., located in the beautiful Taihu Yixing Pottery City in Wuxi, is a professional engineering company in the field of energy and environmental protection in China。The company is committed to comprehensively solving China's ecological and environmental problems,Build an environmental protection industry chain integrating comprehensive project planning, technology research and development, customized production, professional construction, operation management and after-sales service,Focus on domestic waste, hazardous waste, sludge treatment, waste gas waste liquid treatment, water environment treatment and soil remediation and other multi-faceted environmental protection subdivisions,Tailor-made for customers with the most investment value of environmental comprehensive solutions, to provide high-end customized services,With advanced business philosophy, we are committed to establishing innovative environmental investment and business models。

  Our years of technology, engineering accumulation, so that the company has become the environmental protection industry more potential enterprises。

  The company has professional and complete environmental protection engineering and technical personnel, covering thermal energy, machinery, chemical, electrical, automation and other technical majors. The core business departments include Marketing Department, technical development department, design department, engineering department, operation service department, etc。In addition to technology research and development and engineering design, the company also has a professional team in equipment manufacturing, site construction and operation management, and post-service, and has rich experience in project operation to ensure the smooth implementation and stable operation of environmental protection projects。