What are the reasons for the pollution of pure water equipment?

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There are many impurities in the water, when these waters enter the ultra-pure water equipment, if the treatment is not appropriate, it will pollute the ultra-pure water equipment, so what is the primary way that the ultra-pure water equipment will be polluted?

  1. Water pollution

  The water source of the ultra-pure water equipment is the effluent from municipal tap water after ultrafiltration,Ideal water quality,But some fungi use spores to reproduce,Although municipal tap water is chlorinated before ultrafiltration,Some fungal spores may enter the reverse osmosis in a state of suspended animation,The reverse osmosis inlet pipe is treated with reducing agent to remove residual chlorine from the water,From the reverse osmosis feed pump to the reverse osmosis effluent, there is no oxidizing sterilizer that inhibits the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria,Creating excellent living conditions for other microorganisms such as anaerobic fungi,So that fungi and other microorganisms in these parts of the agile reproduction, growth。

 2. Security filter propagates microorganisms

  The pre-security filter of the ultra-pure water equipment is the last filtration equipment before entering the reverse osmosis,Its filtration accuracy is only 5μm,Strong pollution interception capacity,When the trapped material comes together, it becomes an ideal environment for microbial reproduction,Other equipment of the same type have also repeatedly shown that the ultra-pure water equipment has been affected by the reproduction of foreign bodies inside the security filter。Fungal substances follow the water into the reverse osmosis body, and multiply inside the reverse osmosis to affect the operation of the equipment。

 3, the impact of ultrafiltration water on the system

  This effect is minimal, but cannot be ruled out。