Disc type microporous aerator

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       In view of its importance for sewage treatment, since the birth of aerators, the industry has developed a variety of aerators, and the material selection and working principle tend to be diversified。One of the most widely used is that the current technology is very mature is the disc type micro-porous aerator。It has the characteristics of small aerated bubbles, large gas-liquid area, uniform bubble diffusion, no hole blockage, strong corrosion resistance, etc., so it is widely used in water treatment projects in all walks of life 。It can be applied to various pool types and depths, and can also be transformed to improve the effect of the original aeration tank and the new expansion of urban sewage and large factories and the transformation of the old aeration tank, and the aeration tank can run intermittently。
       The tray type microporous aerator is a new type of microporous aerator in the treatment process of industrial sewage and municipal domestic sewage. It has large ventilation, low bottom resistance, strong lifting ability and high oxygenation efficiency。A large number of holes are opened on the "diaphragm" of the main component. When the wind is supplied, the holes are opened and micro-bubbles are formed. When the wind is stopped, the holes are automatically closed。Avoid sewage and debris into the pipeline, prevent blocking aerator。Important condition: The selection of aeration equipment with reliable skill and function is the premise of ensuring the stable operation of aerator equipment for a long time。