Elastic packing

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      Elastic fillers are widely used as biological fillers in biological contact oxidation ponds and hydrolytic acidification ponds。For low concentration of domestic sewage, medium concentration of printing and dyeing wastewater, papermaking wastewater, oil-containing wastewater, high concentration of food industry wastewater, chemical wastewater, etc., elastic filler has a good treatment effect。
       The general anaerobic fermentation process can be divided into four stages, namely hydrolysis stage, acidification stage, acid decay stage and methanation stage。In the hydrolytic acidification tank, the reaction process is controlled in two stages: hydrolysis and acidification。In the hydrolysis stage, solid organic substances can be degraded into dissolved substances, and macromolecular organic substances can be degraded into small molecular substances。In the acid production stage, organic compounds such as carbohydrates are degraded into organic acids, mainly acetic acid, butyric acid and propionic acid。Hydrolysis and acidification reactions proceed relatively quickly, and it is generally difficult to separate them, and the main microorganisms at this stage are hydrolyzation-acidizing bacteria。
       After the wastewater is hydrolyzed and acidified, its biodegradability can be improved, the pH value of the wastewater can be reduced, the sludge yield can be reduced, and the favorable conditions for the subsequent aerobic biological treatment can be created。Therefore, the hydrolytic acidification pool can improve the removal effect of organic matter and suspended matter in the whole system, reduce the organic load of the aerobic system, and greatly reduce the energy consumption of the whole system compared with the aerobic system alone。
       The elastic filler is installed in the hydrolytic acidification tank, and the agitated wastewater is hydraulically cut, so that the suspended sludge and water are fully mixed。It provides favorable conditions for the growth of hydrolytic acidifying bacteria。
       The effective length of the elastic filler is the distance between the two layers, and the two ends of each elastic filler are left with a binding rope, which is tied on the upper and lower two layers of the frame, and the binding must be solid and immovable。